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Kerry Andrew 'Oh, Sing' / Stile Antico's Newcastle Cathedral Family Concert

Updated: Mar 20

Stile Antico/the Byrd Central team commissioned composer and writer Kerry Andrew to create a piece with a text inspired by Byrd's "Reasons to Sing". We asked Andrew to write a short piece for professional ensemble and young voices to sing together. It combines an easily singable refrain that can be learned by route with body percussion. This can then be put together with more advanced vocal 'accompaniment' parts. There is also an alternate piano accompaniment, so the piece can also be sung by untrained voices without the professional choral parts.

Horizon Voices taught the students the piece (amongst other things) in their in-school sessions and workshop, then the schools came together to sing it with Stile Antico at their Family Concert at Newcastle Cathedral on 8 March 2024. Students, parents, and staff got to hear Stile sing a few pieces by Byrd, a quick tour of some of the historical context, and to participate in the music making themselves.

Special thanks to Newcastle Cathedral for hosting, Katherine Butler/Northumbria University for facilitating the event, and the schools: Sacred Heart High School and Cramlington Learning Village. Here is a short snippet of the "Oh, Sing", as well as some snaps from the family concert. It was great to hear c.150 voices come together!

Scores for Kerry Andrew's "Oh, Sing" (SATBarB + repeated chorus) can be purchased and perused from the composer's website.



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