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The classic portrait head and shoulders image of William Byrd, a Caucasian man with a pointed beard and curved moustaches, hair covering his ears and a jacket with a high curved collar. In this image, a mix of a camera filter with text ‘Camera-1’ ‘Rec’ ‘Play’ and numbers have been added to a woodcut version of the original image

This is William Byrd

Well, sort of.

This beloved depiction is probably not William Byrd. It is taken from an 18th century Italian print by Nicola Francesco Haym and is most likely a fanciful imagining. 

We decided to embrace the image, however, not for its historical 'accuracy', but for its role as a symbol of the affection and appreciation of Byrd's music that is shared by music enthusiasts over the globe. 

Rights clearance for our image is provided by GetArchive.

Who is Byrd?

For a bio, try Wikipedia or Britannica

A satirical CV for William Byrd. On the left side is the classic image of William, a Caucasian bearded moustachioed man with a high curved collar on his coat and below ear length hair. 

The text below reads

London & Stondon Massey

- Composition 
Latin motets
English Anthems
Songs, sonnets, psalms 
- Music printing (patent) 
No-one else can provide our services!
Ensuring Careful typesetting
- Organ Playing
- Services for noble families
Dedicating music
- Diplomacy
- Music for discreet matters

Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth the first
Queen / England & Ireland

Edward Paston
Gentleman / Norfolk

The main text in the centre / right of the page reads 

WILLIAM BYRD in Bold capital letters
Organist & Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 
‘Friend to all that love or learn music’, 
‘A Father of Music’

For full text please email us
A Wanted poster in the style of the old Wild West in America. A picture of William Byrd has the word WANTED above it and a stamped text on top that reads ‘Let the trial cease by order of the Queen’

Poster text below the image reads 

‘William Byrd

Family of ‘papistical recusants which refuse to come to the church’, excessively florid organ playing, writing, printing, and distributing music for clandestine masses

If you have any information please contact the Essex Authorities
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