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Friederike Chylek releases her latest album, "Tallis - Byrd - Gibbons" with OehmsClassics

Today, 20 October, harpsichordist Friederike Chylek releases her latest album, "Tallis - Byrd - Gibbons" with OehmsClassics.

In commemoration of the quadricentennial of Byrd's death, this album presents works by William Byrd and two of his close contemporaries, his longtime mentor Thomas Tallis and the younger Orlando Gibbons, played on an original organ (J. Ch. Leu, 1715, Klosterkirche Rheinau, Switzerland) and an original Italian harpsichord (Boccalari, Napoli 1699).

Cover go Chylek album, city view painting of London

Back cover of Cheylek album with track listing. Downloads PDF below.

Order directly from the artist ( or listen on your favourite streaming platform.

Chylek's specialism is English keyboard music of the 16th and 17th centuries. Her three solo recordings, Time stands still (2017), From Byrd to Byrd (2019) and William Byrd: Keyboard Music (2022), also on OehmsClassics, have been met with critical acclaim from outlets such as Early Music Review, FonoForum, and BBC Music Magazine.

Download the CD booklet below:

OC 1727 – Tallis Byrd Gibbons Booklet
Download PDF • 1.47MB



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